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Exporting from the UK
Fact Sheet (Export to Ghana from the United Kingdom)
Who is this Factsheet for?
You should read this factsheet if you are exporting goods to Ghana
What does this Factsheet tell me?
  • It gives you some essential information about the basic requirements for importing goods into Ghana and will help you to conduct market research;
  • better understand the needs of your customer;
  • deliver your product to your customer without difficulty;
  • spot potential problems in obtaining payment for your product.
Import Restrictions
All importers must complete an Import Declaration Form (IDF) showing full details of the intended order. A copy IDF has to be presented to the appropriate inspection agency office in Accra for registration before preshipment inspection can take place (see special certificates). Certain products also require a special permit, these are:specified pharmaceuticals,arms and ammunition,telecommunication equipment,chemicals and explosives
A number of goods are prohibited. Public sector imports are channelled through :-
The Ghana Supply Commission  
PO Box M35  
Exchange Control
Foreign exchange transactions by the private sector are carried out by authorised banks and Foreign Exchange Bureau's. Foreign exchange for official payments is administered by the Bank of Ghana.
Special Certificates
Pre Shipment Inspection (PSI) is required for all goods going to Ghana with a total value of US$5,000 FOB and over, or if the orders contain pharmaceutical products, package foodstuffs, beverages, second-hand goods or full container loads irrespective of value. The agency responsible for the PSI checks is : SGS UK, SGS House, 217-221 London Road, Camberley, Surrey GU13 3EY (Tel: 01276 691133 Fax: 01276 697888). As these restrictions are subject to change we advise you contact SGS to confirm latest requirements. A leaflet entitled 'An SGS Guide for Exporting to Ghana' is available upon request from SGS UK Ltd.

SGS require 10 days notice of shipment and advice as to where the goods can be inspected.

The Clean Report of Findings is issued by the SGS office in Accra, not to the exporter.
Whisky importers require a certificate of age (minimum 3 years) issued by HM Customs & Excise (C&E Form No 96)
Commercial Invoices
Combined with C/V for all goods. Imports must be supported by the actual manufacturer's invoice as well as the suppliers'/exporters' invoice in cases where the suppliers/exporters are not also the manufacturers,except in the following cases:

1. Where the exporter is a stockist he should amend form C.61 to read "stockist" in place of "manufacturer/supplier" and add "EX STOCK" to the heading.
2. Where the exporter submits his invoice and the manufacturers' invoice to his bank for the bank to certify that the exporters' invoice truly represents particulars of the goods and the selling price together with all charges up to the time of landing.
Show on invoices rate and amount of freight; individual measurements and weights of packages; freight rebates of discounts as a deduction from gross amount of freight; a certificate that insurance has not been taken out; the exact nature of each discount allowed. Where goods are not invoiced C&F and importer pays freight or other charges in Ghana, details of such charges need not be shown by the supplier on his invoice. Invoices must not bear the clause "E. & O.E". Facsimile signatures are not accepted. Customs require 2 copies.
Consular Invoices
Must be arranged in Ghana on shipments for government orders.
Certificates of value (C/V)
Necessary for all goods, irrespective of origin (form C.61)
Genuine trade samples are admitted duty free under OGL, provided quantities are not excessive. Temporary duty free admissions of samples of value will be allowed against deposit or security provided re-exportation takes place usually within three months.
Assessed ad valorem on the cif value. Tariff is based on the CCCN.
UK Regulations
Export Licences required for goods in the Prohibition List. Customs Pre-Entry necessary for goods exported under licence (other than Open General Licence), or otherwise under customs control..
Where can I get further information?
Office of the High Commissioner for Ghana
Ghana HighCommissioner
104 Highgate Hill
N6 5HE
:0181 342 8686
Fax :0181 342 8566
Trade Section
102 Park Street
:0207 493 4901
Open 09.30 to 5.30, closed Saturday.
UK Export Licensing
Department of Trade and Industry
Export Control Organisation
6th Floor, Kingsgate House,
66-74 Victoria Street,
0207 215 5000 Ext: 8070
Fax :0207 215 8564
Export documentation for Ghana
Oxford House
8th Floor
76 Oxford Street
London W1DS
020 7 467 7280
Fax :020 7 467 7295
Specific Market Advice
Department of Trade and Industry
Ghana Desk

Kingsgate House
66-74 Victoria Street
London SW1E 6SW
0207 215 4970
Export Promotion
Akoma International (UK)Limited
Akoma International (UK) LTD
4 Manor Road
DE23 3HZ
Tel: 01332 546 955
Fax: 01332 546 930
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